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Should doping be legalised? The Olympic drug debate

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Should we legalise doping? Make it open to all, and avoid the controversy and scandal. A regular issue comes around for the Olympics. In this article, I address that question in a Q&A format.

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Eight quick thoughts on the Froome data

Froome yellow jersey

Chris Froome's data, or the first part thereof, was published in Esquire yesterday evening. Some thoughts on what it says, means, and what may yet be added

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Froome’s scenarios: The data, dilemmas and dark side of the moon

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Chris Froome's data is due to be released tomorrow. Here are my thoughts on what it shows, what it can't show, the testers, the process, and some predictive scenarios for you to play with when those numbers do come out

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Semi-transparency, smoke, mirrors and an illustrative case

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As rest day #2 of the Tour arrives, more and more talk of transparency, with a vague commitment of average cadence from a stage from Sky. I say keep it, and share more thoughts on transparency, including the case of Pinot to illustrate the value

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Neanderthals, aliens, performance data & context

Quintana and Froome

A neanderthal took to urine throwing in the Tour. Patriotism sure does inspire stupid actions sometimes. The preoccupation with the performance and physiological data inspires similar passions. But what would an alien visitor make of it, if the context was added to the debate?

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Close your eyes really tightly


I gave an interview to Off the Ball radio today. Here's that interview, plus some extra thoughts on context.

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Day 1 in the mountains: One more pixel, context & mistrust

Froome yellow jersey

Chris Froome produced a dominant display to win the first mountain finish of the 2015 Tour de France. As always, doubts exist around the performance. One single performance does not a doper identify, but pixel-by-pixel, it's becoming harder to sit on the fence. I jump off it here.

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A no-good week for doping in sport

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A bad week for doping, with allegations against Salazar and Rupp, and the suspension of the UCI/WADA case against Roman Kreuziger. Some brief thoughts on why, and what it means for anti-doping's ever steepening road.

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Tinkov’s 3 Grand Tour challenge: Physiological, or folly?

Big four

Oleg Tinkov has dangled a 1 million Euro purse to entice cycling's big four - Contador, Nibali, Quintana and Froome - into racing all three Grand Tours. Is it physiological? Or Folly?

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