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Long live transparency – the data video controversy

The first rest day of the 2015 Tour de France provided a video linked to data of Chris Froome's 2013 Mont Ventoux domination. It was hurriedly removed. Long-live transparency and skepticism.

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25 Jul 2014 Posted in 2014 Tour de France/Doping in Cycling

The physiology at the front of the Tour

The physiological implications of performance are explained in this article. They show plausibility, within historical contexts, but also compel the same questions to be asked of the sport.

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The 2014 Tour: Performance implications & a reflection on the origins

Very brief thoughts on the 2014 Tour, and a particular nostalgic moment to 2009, when David Walsh actually introduced me to performance analysis as a means to flag possible doping. How times (and nationalities) have changed.

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14 Jul 2014 Posted in 2014 Tour de France

The Tour’s first mountain finish: Quick take

Four brief thoughts on the first mountain top finish of the 2014 Tour de France, where Vincenzo Nibali asserted his dominance on the race

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08 Jul 2014 Posted in 2014 Tour de France/Cycling Physiology

The profile of a sprint: What does it take to win a sprint stage?

What does it take to win sprint stages and the green jersey of the Tour de France? I explore the power output, aerodynamics and tactics of a pro sprint, with a little help from a guest contributor expert

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2014 Tour de France: Performance analysis ready

The 2014 Tour de France rolls out of Leeds today. Over the next three weeks, the usual performance analysis is bound to ask questions. Here is the history and the context for that discussion

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2013 Recap. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all!

As 2013 draws to a close, let's look back on the highs and lows of 2013 here on the Science of Sport, with a look ahead to what 2014 might bring!

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17 Jul 2013 Posted in 2013 Tour de France

Tour de France 2013: Alp d’Huez preview

Cycling's most famous climb is featured twice in one stage in 2013. We look back at its history to look forward to what to expect this year.

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14 Jul 2013 Posted in 2013 Tour de France

Mont Ventoux Preview: Looking forward by looking back

A look ahead to the climb of Mont Ventoux in the 2013 TDF, and what the history leads us to expect

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