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Talent ID & Development: IAAF Level 5 and USATF Level 3 lectures

IMG track

I’ve spent the last week, a very stimulating one, at the IMG Academy in Brandenton Florida, where I’ve lectured on the IAAF Level 5 and USATF Level 3 coaching courses.  The specific theme of this year’s Academy was Youth Sport, and I did four lectures in total – three on Talent ID and Specialization issues, […]

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2016 publications: From the armchair to the site, via these journals


Much of what you read here on this site is my attempt to translate the research I'm interested in, and which can be applied to the real world, in a way that makes it more "palatable" to you. This post, however, summarizes some of the "source" research, the scientific articles that I've had published in the last 12 months, for those wanting to see the academic side of the discussions we have.

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Banning the tackle in rugby: A lesson in A vs Z

SBW rugby tackle

A group of 70 academics and doctors proposed this week that tackling should be banned for children playing rugby. Would this work? Is it necessary? Here are some considered responses to that issue.

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2015 Genie: Three wishes for the year

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 12.27.30 PM

Three wishes for 2015 - a doping focus on a sport other than cycling, more head-to-head competition, and less force-feeding of cherries and extreme science. None are likely true, but one can wish...

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23 Oct 2011 Posted in Rugby

Rugby World Cup: The ref debate


It’s been a long time between posts – busy work periods, lack of inspiration, lack of news stories (well, that’s not entirely true!), but pick the excuse.  Apologies for the long break. I’m back with a viewpoint on rugby – probably not the topic of interest for most of you reading this in the USA, […]

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31 May 2011 Posted in Rugby

Edinburgh: The final 3 minutes


It’s here to stay, people, so enjoy it. We have embedded this from Universal Sports, whose coverage of rugby is actually very good—so readers in the USA take note, they will be covering the Rugby World Cup later this year, too. This is the best advertisement ever for the sport of Sevens. These are those […]

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04 Feb 2011 Posted in Doping/Rugby

Two doping cases: Exonerated vs punished. Fair or foul?


Yesterday, a reader sent me a link for an article from the Telegraph newspaper, titled “Rugby Union players are exonerated while cyclists take the blame.  How is that fair?”  Ordinarily, articles from the Telegraph are thought-provoking, accurate and praise-worthy.  This was not one of them. The article concerns the recent one-year suspension handed to Alberto Contador, and the exoneration […]

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22 Apr 2010 Posted in Rugby

The Science of Rugby


We’re building up to the big London Marathon weekend, which has thankfully come one week after the Iceland Volcano and so most of the big names will line up in London on Sunday. As always, we’ve got the race covered – a preview tomorrow, then in-race coverage and splits, and the post-race analysis, so join […]

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10 Apr 2009 Posted in Marathons/Rugby

Easter Weekend musings


If it’s Easter weekend, then it must be the Two Oceans Marathon. For those not in the know, the Two Oceans Marathon is one of South Africa’s biggest running events, a 56 km ultra-marathon and a half-marathon around the Cape Peninsula. You can read my , including a profile of the course, and some comments. […]

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