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The pursuit of the sub-2 marathon: Where to next?

Where do we go next? Now that Eliud Kipchoge has taken us to the brink of a sub-2 hour marathon, have the boundaries of human endurance been recalibrated? Can we expect a 1:59 soon? Or did the Nike staged event simply move some of the boundaries aside? This piece looks at potential benefits, and asks whether we should expect to see a speeding up, or a slowing down, in the foreseeable future?

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Eliud Kipchoge 2:00:25

Eliud Kipchoge has run a marathon in 2:00:25, coming within sight of breaking the 2-hour barrier. How did he do it, and what might we expect in future? This post analyzes the splits, the tactics and the prospects for the 1:59:59 in the future.

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The “2-hour marathon” season begins

Kenenisa Bekele kicks off the 2017 Marathon season in Dubai, with what is a potential world record. It's the year of the "Breaking-2" after Nike's announcement last December. This article is an expanded version of one I wrote for an SA Newspaper on Jan 15th, 2017

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The sub-2 hour marathon in 2017? Thoughts on concept

Nike's announcement that they're backing three top marathoners to break the 2 hour marathon barrier in Spring 2017, is the latest installment in the sub-2 hype. Relevance and legitimacy aside, what would it take, product and course wise, to achieve? I look at shoes and downhill running to illustrate the concept of physiological barriers and how they might be shifted.

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26 Apr 2015 Posted in African running/London Marathon

London Marathon 2015: Live splits and commentary

Live coverage, including 5km splits and race commentary of the 2015 London Marathon

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20 Apr 2015 Posted in African running/Boston Marathon/Marathons

Boston Marathon 2015: Live splits and coverage

Live coverage and splits of the 2015 Boston Marathon

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The 2-hour marathon and the 4-min mile

A recently launched group plans to help runners go under 2 hours for the marathon in five years. is it feasible? For many reasons, I say no. The 4-min mile analogy is often used - here's my response to that particular thought.

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02 Nov 2014 Posted in Marathons/New York Marathon

2014 New York Marathon: Live coverage

Live coverage, splits and thoughts from the 2014 New York Marathon

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12 Oct 2014 Posted in Chicago Marathon/Event analysis/Marathons

2014 Chicago Marathon Live

Live coverage of the 2014 Chicago Marathon - join me for splits and comment as the race unfolds

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