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20 Apr 2015 Posted in African running/Boston Marathon/Marathons

Boston Marathon 2015: Live splits and coverage

Live coverage and splits of the 2015 Boston Marathon

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21 Apr 2014 Posted in Boston Marathon/Event analysis/Running

Boston Marathon 2014: Splits and analysis

Race reports, splits and insights from the 2014 Boston Marathon, won by Meb Keflezighi and Rita Jeptoo, in contrasting styles.

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16 Apr 2013 Posted in Boston Marathon

We believe in the spirit of the marathon

A brief response to the tragic events that unfolded at the 2013 Boston Marathon

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15 Apr 2013 Posted in Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon 2013

Our live-analysis of the 2013 Boston Marathon, featured splits and race commentary

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Boston strikes back: The Boston 2012 meltdown

Wesley Korir and Sharon Cherop have won the 2012 Boston Marathon for Kenya. Surprise names, perhaps (particularly Korir), but you might, at first glance, call it “just another Kenyan victory”. It was anything but. Today was a reminder of the difficulty of the marathon, because Mother Nature, so kind to Boston one year ago, decided […]

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16 Apr 2012 Posted in Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon: if you can’t stand the heat…

Later today, Geoffrey Mutai will attempt to address the Ethiopian dominance of marathons so far in 2012 when he defends his title in Boston. Last year, aided by a following wind for most of the race, Mutai and Moses Mosop stunned the world when they scared the 2:03-barrier in Boston, Mutai eventually winning in the […]

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23 Apr 2011 Posted in Boston Marathon

Boston “not significantly aided”? The ARRS stastician view and its faults

We hope everyone is enjoying a timely Easter break. Having wrapped up Boston in my previous post, I received a few emails and comments about another analysis of Boston, and thought I’d comment briefly on it here rather than in the discussion thread to previous posts or on Twitter! So the following article was released […]

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21 Apr 2011 Posted in Boston Marathon

Boston Wrap and looking to the Fall

boston First off, thank you so much for your great comments to the  on Mutai’s amazing 2:03:02. The reaction has been overwhelming – the comments equivalent of a phone ringing off the hook! As has become the norm, the discussion to the post is twice as good as the post, so thank you! I apologize […]

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19 Apr 2011 Posted in Boston Marathon

A 2:03:02. 3 to 4 min? What effect did the wind have?

I don’t know the answer to that question. Let me say that right upfront. It’s insoluble. But it’s too intriguing not to ask, and attempt to answer, and there are a few approaches to it to shed light on a quite remarkable Boston Marathon, now that the wind has died down and the dust settled […]

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