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2016 publications: From the armchair to the site, via these journals


Much of what you read here on this site is my attempt to translate the research I'm interested in, and which can be applied to the real world, in a way that makes it more "palatable" to you. This post, however, summarizes some of the "source" research, the scientific articles that I've had published in the last 12 months, for those wanting to see the academic side of the discussions we have.

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Perception is everything. Or is it? The simplification of fatigue

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.39.34 AM

Fatigue is complex. Yet scientists continue to simplify it for the sake of their arguments. I offer a critique of this approach, and some explanations of what fatigue really is.

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Kenyan runner’s dramatic finish. But is it an “insult” & “slavery”?

A dramatic video of a Kenyan marathon runner staggering to the finish line sparked criticism and debate. I discuss the physiology & medical dilemma of dealing with such situations

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Central governor and lactate mythology: Video interviews


Coach Bobby McGee interviews Ross about the myth of lactate and what it means for coaches and athletes

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Pacing, fatigue and the brain. Lessons from London

Men's elite field at the 2013 London Marathon

The 2013 London Marathon highlighted the importance of pacing strategy. The science of pacing, and thus fatigue, offers fascinating insights to the limits of performance and the 2-hour marathon

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14 Mar 2011 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

The Central Governor and the Athlete’s Clock: Pacing and performance


Jonathan came across the video below earlier today.  Now, I must confess that I had never heard of the speaker, a Dr Thomas Rowland.  Nor have I had the opportunity to read the book about which he speaks in this interview, called “The Athlete’s Clock“.  But the concept grabbed my attention immediately, because as you […]

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16 Oct 2009 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Ross speaks: Fatigue and the brain


Anticipatory regulation of exercise Apologies for the delay in posting after my lecture last week at UIC – the Chicago Marathon came and went, and since then, travels have taken too much time to post properly. However, what I’ve done below is post segments of that talk, which was titled “Limits to exercise performance: World records, […]

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08 Oct 2009 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Pacing strategy and limits to performance


Well, I have arrived in Chicago after a great couple of days in Washington, and now the build-up to the Chicago 2009 Marathon can begin! A little later today, Jonathan and I will be meeting with some of the Marathon organizers to discuss race-day logistics and to figure out how (if at all) we can […]

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28 May 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Fatigue and Exercise: Part V

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 3.54.25 PM

Continued discussion on how the brain regulates exercise intensity during exercise in the heat

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