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12 Aug 2016 Posted in Uncategorized

World Records: Fossils, stagnation & a tale of two drugs

Almaz Ayana kicked the Rio 2016 Track & Field programme off with a sensational World Record, demolishing one of the "unbreakables". But the T&F Records tell us interesting stories about doping and performance limits, and this post explores some of those in the context of the growing mistrust of performances and doping

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02 Dec 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

7 High Performance principles for sport and business

High performance, whether in sport, or business, shares certain key concepts. This article introduces eight high performance concepts that span the sport-business divide.

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Bricks, mortar and high performance inefficiency

South Africa has numerous world-class high performance centers and institutions. Visiting elite Kenyans ask why, with such privilege, we fail to produce more Olympic champions? We explore the implications of one Kenyan's surprising answer

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