Cycling Physiology

Quintana and Froome

Great power, great responsibility. Less power, greater speeds

2015-07-22: "With great power comes great responsibility", quoted Sky as they released Froome's power data from the Pyrenees. Only problem is that with less power than…

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EPO syringe

Comparative and longitudinal physiology

2015-07-21: There's been much talk of how physiological data - a VO2max - would validate or refute cycling performance. The reality is, as usual, a…

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Big four

Tinkov’s 3 Grand Tour challenge: Physiological, or folly?

2014-10-13: Oleg Tinkov has dangled a 1 million Euro purse to entice cycling's big four - Contador, Nibali, Quintana and Froome - into racing all three…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.59.05 PM

The 2014 Tour: Performance implications & a reflection on the origins

2014-07-25: Very brief thoughts on the 2014 Tour, and a particular nostalgic moment to 2009, when David Walsh actually introduced me to performance analysis as a…

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Pro sprint

The profile of a sprint: What does it take to win a sprint stage?

2014-07-08: What does it take to win sprint stages and the green jersey of the Tour de France? I explore the power output, aerodynamics and tactics…

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Tour 2014 map

2014 Tour de France: Performance analysis ready

2014-07-05: The 2014 Tour de France rolls out of Leeds today. Over the next three weeks, the usual performance analysis is bound to ask questions. …

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Froome’s first mountain performance: Cue debate

2013-07-06: Chris Froome assumed the yellow jersey and control of the Tour on Ax-3-Domaines with a near-record ascent. Brief first thoughts on the performance and debate…

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The Tour in the mountains: Analysis & discussion

2012-07-09: The physiology of the mountain stages, and its implications for our understanding of the anti-doping…

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Tour 2011: Alp d’Huez, leaving the mountains and onto the TT

2011-07-23: The Tour de France is now only one day away from finally answering every question posed of it, and its riders, almost three weeks ago.…

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