Doping in Cycling

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The physiology at the front of the Tour

2014-07-25: The physiological implications of performance are explained in this article. They show plausibility, within historical contexts, but also compel the same questions to be asked…

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The 2014 Tour: Performance implications & a reflection on the origins

2014-07-25: Very brief thoughts on the 2014 Tour, and a particular nostalgic moment to 2009, when David Walsh actually introduced me to performance analysis as a…

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2014 Tour de France: Performance analysis ready

2014-07-05: The 2014 Tour de France rolls out of Leeds today. Over the next three weeks, the usual performance analysis is bound to ask questions. …

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Merry X-mas from Science of Sport

2013 Recap. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all!

2013-12-24: As 2013 draws to a close, let's look back on the highs and lows of 2013 here on the Science of Sport, with a look…

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Froome’s first mountain performance: Cue debate

2013-07-06: Chris Froome assumed the yellow jersey and control of the Tour on Ax-3-Domaines with a near-record ascent. Brief first thoughts on the performance and debate…

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Ax-3-Domaines: History, VAMs and performance predictions

2013-07-06: The 2013 Tour tackles its first mountain finish. We look back on Ax-3-Domaines and predict what you can expect from the 2013…

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Guest post: The Last Lance?

2013-01-14: A guest contribution on where Lance Armstrong goes next, now that the doping lie has been exposed by…

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UCI uphold USADA findings – surprised?

2012-10-23: Could have gone either way… On Monday, as scheduled, the UCI held a press conference to announce it would recognize the reasoned decision submitted by…

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Lance Armstrong and Zulle Alpe 1999

Sponsors overboard & a guest post on legalized doping, the Armstrong dilemma

2012-10-18: First thoughts as Lance Armstrong's sponsors rush to distance themselves from the disgraced…

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