Doping in Cycling

Guest post: The Last Lance?

2013-01-14: A guest contribution on where Lance Armstrong goes next, now that the doping lie has been exposed by…

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UCI uphold USADA findings – surprised?

2012-10-23: Could have gone either way… On Monday, as scheduled, the UCI held a press conference to announce it would recognize the reasoned decision submitted by…

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Lance Armstrong and Zulle Alpe 1999

Sponsors overboard & a guest post on legalized doping, the Armstrong dilemma

2012-10-18: First thoughts as Lance Armstrong's sponsors rush to distance themselves from the disgraced…

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The Armstrong fallout: Thoughts and theories

2012-08-27: Lance Armstrong's 7 Tour titles are only the tip of an iceberg now that the ceiling is truly caving in as a result of doping…

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The Tour in the mountains: Analysis & discussion

2012-07-09: The physiology of the mountain stages, and its implications for our understanding of the anti-doping…

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Doping in cycling: Science, the law, and PR, and insights on Pistorius

2012-02-15: I’ve finally emerged from the “bubbles” that were the trip up Kilimanjaro, which was followed almost immediately by a trip to the USA where I…

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Tour de France 2011: The biological passport context

2011-07-18: Thank you all for the tremendous .  As usual, whatever doesn’t come out in the post is brilliantly debated in the comments and discussion afterwards,…

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Video post: The Power output in the mountains of the Tour de France 2011

2011-07-05: Below is a short video (9:42) where I talk you through the power outputs that are required of the world’s best cyclists when the roads…

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Biological passport showing doping, with an athlete who has a total of 7 "strikes" against him. Source: Zorzoli & Rossi, 2010

The Biological passport stands up to test 3

2011-04-23: One last short post, just to give a bit of significant news in the world of cycling. It is significant in that it boosts the…

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