Tour de France Analysis

Healthy skepticism, dealing with doping and denial

2013-07-09: Skepticism is an essential part of cycling's quest to regain the trust of its followers. Here's…

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Tour 2013 rest day: Pondering the unanswerables with physiological implications

2013-07-08: Chris Froome's near-record ascent of Ax-3-Domaines asks some challenging physiological questions. Proof is impossible, but the implications warrant…

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Clean performances to surpass doped performances?

2013-07-06: A brief look at the the effect of doping on performance, with a view to predicting when, if ever, a clean performance will surpass a…

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Froome’s non-published TDF power output: Noise for ‘pseudoscientists’?

2013-07-05: Team Sky have refused to publish their cyclist's power outputs for fear of misinterpretation by "pseudoscientists". Does he have a point, or is transparency…

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The Power of the Tour de France 2013: Performance analysis groundwork

2013-07-03: The 2013 Tour de France gets underway this weekend, and in preparation for our analysis, I explain the principles and concepts behind analysing Tour mountain…

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Tour de France 2009: Power estimates

2009-07-14: The Tour is currently winding its way through France, in what is another pretty sedate and routine stage so far. It’s looking like a sprinter’s…

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Long live transparency – the data video controversy

2015-07-14: The first rest day of the 2015 Tour de France provided a video linked to data of Chris Froome's 2013 Mont Ventoux domination. It…

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The physiology at the front of the Tour

2014-07-25: The physiological implications of performance are explained in this article. They show plausibility, within historical contexts, but also compel the same questions to be asked…

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The 2014 Tour: Performance implications & a reflection on the origins

2014-07-25: Very brief thoughts on the 2014 Tour, and a particular nostalgic moment to 2009, when David Walsh actually introduced me to performance analysis as a…

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