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Syed’s response, and a final wrap on the whistleblower/faith debate

2016-08-01: In response to my recent critique of Matthew Syed's article on whistleblowers and secrecy, he sent me an email and requested it be published here…

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Landis press conference

Fixed it for you: The Matthew Syed dismissal of whistleblower fears

2016-07-29: Matthew Syed recently wrote a piece dismissing the real fears of whistleblowers over retribution when they dare to speak up about doping in sport. …

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Caster Semenya Rabat

Hyperandrogenism and women vs women vs men in sport: A Q&A with Joanna Harper

2016-05-23: Caster Semenya's likely gold medal in Rio is going to be one of the most controversial stories of the Games, if not the history of…

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Habana try scoring

Transformation in SA sport: Dear Minister…

2016-04-26: Transformation is a cyclical, recurring problem in South African sport. Yesterday, the SA Minister of Sport announced a ban on certain sports from hosting…

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SBW rugby tackle

Banning the tackle in rugby: A lesson in A vs Z

2016-03-03: A group of 70 academics and doctors proposed this week that tackling should be banned for children playing rugby. Would this work? Is…

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Talent ID & Management Part 6: The Relative Age effect

2016-02-16: I’ve been on a “home nations” tour (Rugby reference) of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales for work, and Renee Anne Shirley did the honour of…

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Dick Pound

Renee Anne Shirley: The two sides of Richard Pound

2016-02-09: A guest opinion piece by anti-doping advocate Renee Anne Shirley, describing the two sides of Dick Pound, who led the recent investigation into the IAAF's…

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Talent ID & Management Part 5: Early vs Late Specialisation?

2016-02-02: This episode of the Talent ID and management series looks at another very controversial question - should children and young athletes specialise in one sport,…

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Talent ID & Management: The 10,000 hour “rule” and talent

2016-02-01: Part 4 of the Talent ID Series, and this time we introduce the controversial 10,000 hour "rule" and I explain its origins, and the false…

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