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Talent ID & Management Part 3: Imperfect tools & sensible science

2016-01-26: Here is part 3 of my ongoing Talent ID and management series.  If you missed the first two instalments, you can view them at the…

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Talent ID & Management Series, Part 2: Accepted inefficiencies

2016-01-19: Part 2 of the series on Talent ID and Management looks at inefficiencies in the identification and selection of talent. It discusses factors driving…

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Talent ID Video Series, Part 1: Fundamental concept and definition

2016-01-06: Part 1 of the Talent ID & Development series looks at the fundamental concept and defines Talent ID as a strategic and budgeting…

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The Talent Series: Strategy, tactics and then science

2015-12-07: Talent ID and Development - the science, strategy and tactics (not in that order) of developing future champions. This is the first in a…

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Interview with Renee Anne Shirley

2015-11-16: Renee Anne Shirley is one of the world's leading anti-doping experts. Also a whistleblower who shed light on lax anti-doping practices in Jamaica, she…

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IAAF to-do list: Invite in, step aside & break the orbit

2015-11-10: The IAAF response to the doping scandal has hardly been reassuring. Nor was its position when the allegations first emerged. What is the…

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Diack and Coe

Denial plus shock, divided by the tip of the iceberg. A recipe for mistrust

2015-11-10: The WADA report into the IAAF’s alleged doping cover-ups came out yesterday, and Twitter was rocking.  So many journalists and commenters wrote excellent summaries and…

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Paula Radcliffe, off-scores and transparency

2015-09-11: Another week, another doping story, and this one is a big one.  You surely haven’t missed it, and by now you know that in response…

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A no-good week for doping in sport

2015-06-07: A bad week for doping, with allegations against Salazar and Rupp, and the suspension of the UCI/WADA case against Roman Kreuziger. Some brief thoughts on…

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