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The Science of Sport: Now taking your research, and sending it to the “user”

2015-04-13: The average scientific paper in a journal is read by 10 people. That's not good enough - sports science must be more accessible. Therefore,…

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A career change and high performance organizations: The good, the bad & the ugly

2015-01-23: A career change, new challenges and musings about high performance set up a brief thought on what makes good, bad and ugly…

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2014 Wrap Part 2: The science of sport review

2014-12-30: In the second part of my 2014 Review series, I look at three of the sports science stories that made news - the sub-2 hour…

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2014 Wrap Part 1: Week by week musings

2014-12-29: A look back at 2014, using my weekly "Times" newspaper column to cover some of the biggest sporting stories and their management and scientific…

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The 2-hour marathon and the 4-min mile

2014-12-16: A recently launched group plans to help runners go under 2 hours for the marathon in five years. is it feasible? For many reasons,…

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A stragetic and tactical talent management perspective: The viable athlete

2014-12-01: The identification and management of talent is primarily a strategic and tactical function. Too often it is approached as operational, the what and how…

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High performance: Complex simplicity

2014-11-27: At the recent BASES conference in the UK, Team GB's track cycling team presented their high performance philosophy. It boils down to "complex simplicity", and…

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What (not) to say when doping accusations come knocking

2014-10-22: What should you say when you're falsely accused of doping? In the climate of cynicism and mistrust, there's a fine line between protesting too much…

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Commonwealth calibration

2014-07-29: What is the global standing of the Commonwealth Games? How do nations and sports compare, within an Olympic-focused strategy? A look at how…

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