High performance management


Melting in Melbourne: Thoughts on the heat

2014-01-16: Heat-induced collapses, retirements and capitulations finally forced Australian Open organizers to suspend play on Day 4 due to extreme heat. Amidst allegations of inhumane…

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What is talent? Your definitions and thoughts from David Epstein

2013-11-18: What is talent? I asked, you answered, and here are the Top 5 definitions, as judged by writer David Epstein, along with his thoughts…

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What is talent? Be heard on The Science of Sport, and win a dinner with David Epstein and me

2013-11-13: Your chance to win a dinner with best-selling author David Epstein and Ross, and also to be heard on The Science of Sport. All…

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Kenyan runners

Bricks, mortar and high performance inefficiency

2013-11-12: South Africa has numerous world-class high performance centers and institutions. Visiting elite Kenyans ask why, with such privilege, we fail to produce more Olympic…

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Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.48.16 AM

Performance Leadership summit

2013-10-22: I am very pleased to announce the inaugural Performance Leadership Summit, to be held in Cape Town on November 21 and 22 this year, and…

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Obesity stethoscope

Knowledge marketing, and science’s losing battles

2013-06-24: Sports science, for all its virtues and values, is often overlooked or fails to inspire real change. That's in part, because it isn't 'marketed' well…

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DNA round

10,000 hours vs training debate

2012-03-01: A debate between Ross and Anders Ericsson, father of the deliberate practice theory, and genetic influence…

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Home-ground advantage: International vs local differences

2011-06-30: So today is the third and final installment in the series on home ground advantage, and it’s going to be a visual and quicker to…

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Home-ground advantage, part 2: Super Rugby, travel and altitude

2011-06-29: Yesterday, I did , and looked at three of the four factors┬áthat may influence performance at home or on the road. ┬áThe plan was to…

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