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“177” – The Sub-2 hour marathon and East Africa’s super-runners

2014-10-14: Marathon running is in a golden era, the 2-hour barrier approaching. Kenyans in particular have led the charge, raising some of the most fascinating…

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Perception is everything. Or is it? The simplification of fatigue

2014-05-13: Fatigue is complex. Yet scientists continue to simplify it for the sake of their arguments. I offer a critique of this approach, and some…

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Kenyan runner’s dramatic finish. But is it an “insult” & “slavery”?

2014-05-01: A dramatic video of a Kenyan marathon runner staggering to the finish line sparked criticism and debate. I discuss the physiology & medical dilemma of…

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The rise of Kenya

2014-03-07: The marathon has seen an extra-ordinary explosion in quality and quantity over the last 20 years. Its epicenter is Kenya. I look at…

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Bolt knees

Symmetrical knees and sprint performance: The Jamaican secret?

2014-01-08: A recent study found that sprint performance in Jamaicans was related to the symmetry of their knees. The media pounced, and explained Usain Bolt's…

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Eero Mantyranta

Eero Mäntyranta – Finland’s champion. 1937-2013: Obituary

2013-12-31: Eero Mantryranta died yesterday at the age of 76. A 7-time Olympic medalist from Finland, his remarkable story is relevant to the science of performance.…

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Central governor and lactate mythology: Video interviews

2013-05-29: Coach Bobby McGee interviews Ross about the myth of lactate and what it means for coaches and…

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The Kenyan advantage: Is it calf elasticity?

2013-01-15: Recent research suggests that calf elasticity is the source of Kenya's running advantage. The truth is a little more…

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Limits to human performance: Lessons from men and women

2010-11-28: Yesterday, I did a , looking at whether we are close to reaching a ceiling of human performance?  As mentioned, it has been a recurring…

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