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22 May 2007 Posted in African running

African running dominance

Tergat Ramaala NYC05

We recently (11 May, Good read, !) featured some stats on the African runners in the City Marathons, and Jonathan showed how in the Boston and New York Marathons, the Africans had not in fact moved the event forward. The winning times over the last 30 years have NOT improved and so the classic American […]

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20 May 2007 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

How much should I drink during exercise

One of our great interests is fluid replacement during exercise. In fact, Jonathan got his PhD looking specifically at this question, and my own work included two studies on the effects of the heat on performance, so this is something of a life’s work for both of us. So in the coming weeks, we’ll give […]

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11 May 2007 Posted in African running

Are the Africans really faster than the Americans?

In the 1980’s the first Kenyan runners began entering (and winning) marathons in the USA. The first to win a major city marathon was Jon Nzau at Chicago in 1983. Next was Ibrahim Hussein in 1987 at New York and Boston in 1988, and finally Douglas Wakiihuri won London in 1989. In the 1990’s the […]

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02 May 2007 Posted in Training theories

Training programmes – the key principle of overload

Selye Adaptation principle

Are you in a situation where you have been training dilligently for a while now, but have stopped seeing results? Perhaps you are new to this training thing and you haven’t really got much idea of how to go about constructing your training programme? Or you find that as soon as you try to do […]

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