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30 Jul 2007 Posted in 2007 Tour de France

Le Tour de France 2007

This year the tour lived up to is ability to produce shocking “results” and newsworthy stories on top of some incredible racing, both on the flats and in the mountains. It was the closest GC finish in history, and the top three cyclists in the points competition were each just one win away from taking […]

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28 Jul 2007 Posted in Cycling Physiology/Doping in Cycling

Success at cycling in the mountains

I guess the title of this post is hypothetical, because from the developments over the last week and a half, it seems that prerequisite number one is to have the right pharmaceutical support. But we will attempt to refrain from further jabs at the sport. However, as I write this, at 10:21 on Saturday morning, […]

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27 Jul 2007 Posted in Cycling

How safe is cycling – An Epidemiologist’s Perspective

With North American summer in full swing and the cycling season at its peak with Le Tour finishing up, we thought we would stay focused on cycling, but take a different look at the science behind it. Epidemiology is the study of the factors affecting the health and illness of a population or populations. These […]

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26 Jul 2007 Posted in 2007 Tour de France

The most exciting tour in years?

In case you have not heard by now, two more riders have been ejected from the tour, which is quickly becoming the most exciting in recent years due to the constant shuffling of the top placings. These ejections come on the back of Vinokourov’s positive test and his team’s withdrawal from the race. Italian rider […]

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24 Jul 2007 Posted in Cycling

From “Lance to Landis” – Book Review

“From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France.” by David Walsh (2007)

In keeping with the format of any good sporting website/blog, from time to time we will review books that we feel our audience might find interesting. Our first review will be of David Walsh’s new book, “From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France.” Although pegged as a “troll” […]

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21 Jul 2007 Posted in Sudden Cardiac Death

Heart attack in Alberto Salazar – Coronary Artery disease?

In our last post, we used the term heart attack, and were informed that this was incorrect, and should have been cardiac arrest – we disagree with the ‘incorrect’ part, though we acknowledge that sudden death during exercise can have electrical explanations, and so perhaps ‘incomplete’ would have been more appropriate! Our focus in the […]

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18 Jul 2007 Posted in Cycling Physiology/Training theories

How to feed a cyclist

Roll on more tour posts! Following the pre-Stage 15 prediction, we will keep the posts coming as thick and fast as the attacks we have seen in Le Tour the past couple of days. In this short post we will get into what it takes to fuel a cyclist through a stage race like Le […]

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18 Jul 2007 Posted in 2007 Tour de France

The Tour de France 2007: midway science overview

rasmussen 2007 tour

Ok, so it’s not entirely mid-way, but I thought that with the current ‘lull’ in proceedings between the Alps, which ended yesterday, and the first individual time-trial and Pyrenees coming up on the weekend, it would be a good chance to cast a ‘physiological’ eye over the race and give some impressions. It’s been a […]

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17 Jul 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

Oscar Pistorius debut

Oscar Pistorius made his long-awaited debut at the Rome Golden Gala meeting last weekend. Here, we look at the results of some preliminary analysis by the IAAF, and what it suggests for his advantage

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