Massive Steroid Operation Uncovered

27 Sep 2007 Posted by

We interrupt this regularly scheduled series of posts on running technique for this breaking news…

Last week the Drug Enforcement Administration of the USA wrapped up a series of raids on drug labs in a number of states. The numbers? Over 800,000 doses of steroids were confiscated from one home in New York. There were other seizures in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and in the midwest.

WADA currently is seeking information from the agents so that they can cross check any names in the investigation against the names of current athletes, and it appears that the federal agents are more than willing to cooperate with the anti-doping agency on this.

After the four days of raids, the operation, called “Raw Deal,” shut down 26 labs and arrested over 50 individuals. The raids were the final push in a larger probe that in total made 124 arrests, closed 56 labs in 27 states, and seized $6.5 million and 240 kg of raw steroid powder.

Anyone out there still think that the drug problem in sports is under control. . .? This should be a reminder that performance-enhancing drugs are big business, and as long as there is this much money to be made from them, more labs just like the ones busted last week will start popping up again. Having said that, however, these raids and this operation demonstrate that the federal government here in the USA is allocating significant time and resources to this problem.

You can read the full details here on the ESPN website.

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled post…

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