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29 Jan 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation/Series

Exercise in the Cold: Part II

While we are all still thinking about the , we thought we would carry on with our series on exercise in the cold. Most of us are still firmly in the depths of the northern-hemisphere winter, and so we hope you found relevant—it was meant to introduce some basics of heat loss and temperature regulation, […]

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28 Jan 2008 Posted in Tennis/Track and Field

Sports news – athletics and tennis

Just a quick filler news article today, to comment on some very interesting sports performances from the past weekend. First, we look at some results from the distance races at the Reebok Indoor Athletics meeting from Boston – Ethiopian women in fine form and Craig Mottram signalling his intent for 2008. Then we look briefly […]

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28 Jan 2008 Posted in Marathons

Amazing marathon video

Kayoko Fukushi’s debut In our most recent post, we looked at some really interesting stories from the indoor athletics and tennis worlds. But here’s one that I felt should be added to this, and it includes a video which I found through the Let’s Run website (great source of news). The story, and the video, […]

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24 Jan 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation/Series

Exercise in the Cold: Part I

As promised (a while back, admittedly), today we kick off a series on exercise in the cold. A challenging one to write, mostly because most of you reading this will (hopefully) never be exposed to conditions that are so extreme that your physiology is challenged to the point where it can’t cope. Because most of […]

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20 Jan 2008 Posted in African running

Haile Gebrselassie: 2nd fastest time ever

Haile Gebrselassie at the FBK Games 2009 in Hengelo. Photo by Erik van Leeuwen.

The Standard Chartered Marathon in Dubai offered the richest payday in the history of the sport – $250,000 for the win and a bonus of $1 million dollars for breaking a 4-month old world record. And Haile Gebrselassie had his eye on both prizes as he lined up for his first marathon since claiming the […]

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16 Jan 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Oscar Pistorius: The “missing” variables?

Oscar Pistorius wins the 400m. Photo by Flickr user Warren Elsmore

Pistorius to seek “independent” tests – the debate continues On Monday this week, we did a double post, looking first at , the “blade runner”. This was followed by a , where he declared that he would challenge any ban and ruling from the IAAF. Well, Wednesday is as long as it took to hear […]

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14 Jan 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Oscar Pistorius announcement: Banned

South African Olympic and Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius at the Royal Exchange, London. Photo by Flickr user Javi

Two posts today: The IAAF report on Oscar Pistorius is released, with the finding that Pistorius has a “clear mechanical advantage” over able-bodied athletes. , as well consideration of Pistorius’ intention of challenging the IAAF ruling. Oscar Pistorius banned by IAAF After two postponements, the IAAF have today released the report based on their testing […]

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14 Jan 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Oscar Pistorius reaction: Challenge the ban

Oscar Pistorius talking about his prosthetic leg. Photo by Flickr user Global Sports Forum

Pistorius to challenge ban – insight and overview of the debate so far Earlier today, the IAAF released a press statement summarizing their findings on the testing of Oscar Pistorius. Based on the testing, Pistorius has been banned from competing, due to a “clear mechanical advantage”. We’ve , and below is a brief overview of […]

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08 Jan 2008 Posted in Doping

Beijing 2008 and doping

Can Beijing 2008 possibly emerge untainted by doping? We doubt it… Two days ago, we did a post on some interesting news concerning the Beijing Olympic Marathon, which included a story of how the third and final spot on the Chinese Olympic team for the women’s marathon was claimed. This third and final member of […]

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