Fatigue examined

01 Jan 2008 Posted by

The mystery of Fatigue: Anticipatory Regulation and the limits to exercise performance

At the “centre of the physiology universe” lies the question of what limits exercise performance? Even the definition of fatigue is controversial, but once you get into this issue, the complexity and intricacy of the human body becomes apparent.

We can’t offer definitive answers here. As we’ve said often before, if anyone tells you “THE ANSWER”, they’re either lying, or ignorant, or both! We certainly don’t purport to have the “key to fatigue”, but we can evaluate the theories, examine the evidence and work towards proposing a model that will, hopefully, shed some light on the issue!

So this is our series on Fatigue, our most epic series to date – see the links in the “See Also” box, below. Enjoy!

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