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01 Jan 2008 Posted by

If you want to create a debate that can easily turn into an argument with a group of runners, then bringing up running technique is a good place to start! Naturally, every runner, regardless of level or experience, has experience and an opinion on the “perfect running technique”.

What has contributed to this issue in recent times is the availability of a wealth of information and “expert advice” on technique, from people who want to sell you shoes, to those you will sell you “style” if you give them enough money and six months of your running! Never before has there been such an emphasis on changing your technique for “better” running. That word – “better” – is never quite defined, and nor has it ever been scientifically tested. So when it comes to the one of the hottest topics among runners, one is limited to anecdotes and (often grand) theories.

Below are some posts we’ve done looking at the subject!


Running shoes

Running technique

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