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26 Mar 2008 Posted in Physiology

Speedo Swimsuit debate

Yesterday, towards the end of the post, I mentioned that we’d leave the Speedo Swimsuit issue for a while, and pick it up again in a few weeks when the sport’s governing body, FINA, meets with Speedo and other manufacturers to discuss the issue of new swimsuits. However, I received some interesting new information on […]

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25 Mar 2008 Posted in Physiology

Speedo’s LZR racer swimsuit

Thanks to all who have commented on yesterday’s post, which focused mainly on the newly developed swimsuit by Speedo, the LZR Racer. This suit is making waves in the swimming world, since it has been worn for 9 out of 9 world records in the pool this year! Some coaches believe the issue of fairness […]

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21 Mar 2008 Posted in Running shoes

Lessons from Two Oceans

Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, and the state of the “industry” A rather “South African-centric” post today, but for those outside SA, please do read on, or bear with me for the post focusing on one of South Africa’s biggest road races – The Two Oceans Ultramarathon (and Half-marathon). This is a race that few outside […]

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18 Mar 2008 Posted in Running shoes

Running shoes Part III

The intelligent biomachine and implications for running Well, it’s been a week and a half, and an interruption of our series on Running Shoes thanks to Gebrselassie’s announcements, but I have finally managed to get back to the topic that had caused so much debate and discussion: What is the value of running shoes? Do […]

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11 Mar 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

The Beijing Olympics: pollution and performance

Yesterday bought the sensational news that Haile Gebrselassie had made the “99% sure” decision to withdraw from the Olympic Marathon in Beijing and rather enter the 10,000m event. His reason? The pollution, combined with his asthma, the heat and the humidity in Beijing posed a risk to his health, and he did not wish to […]

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09 Mar 2008 Posted in Sudden Cardiac Death

Ryan Shay Autopsy

In the last 4 months, everyone has waited patiently for the autopsy results of US runner Ryan Shay to be released. It was in November last year, during the US Men’s Olympic Trials, that Shay collapsed at the 10km mark in Central Park, New York. He was later pronounced dead, and the story shocked the […]

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05 Mar 2008 Posted in Running shoes

Running shoes and injuries: Debate continued

Yesterday, we did a , and whether the shoes which claim to reduce injury risk are in fact part of the problem! Thanks to everyone for the spirited input on the debate – it’s been lively and interesting so far. I thought it better to respond in a new post and perhaps lead the discussion […]

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04 Mar 2008 Posted in Running shoes

Running shoes: Solution or the problem?

After a couple of posts on doping, a bit of a change of theme for today, as we look at running shoes and injuries. This post was inspired by a link I was sent by one of our regular readers (thanks John – the link is further down the page, incidentally) and it’s a really […]

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