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29 Apr 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor/Series

Fatigue Series: Introduction

Here’s one of the million dollar questions in sports sciences today: How is it possible for a 10km runner to SPEED UP in the final 400m of his race? And if he had that “reserve capacity” all along, why did he not speed up 800m before the end? Or 2km? The whole way? As you […]

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21 Apr 2008 Posted in African running/Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon 2008 result and splits

Robert Cheruiyot fulfilled most people’s predictions today, by winning the 112th Boston Marathon. But it was not so much the fact that he won as the manner in which he did it that was remarkable. He absolutely destroyed the field through his own front-running efforts, taking up the pace very early on in the race, […]

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08 Apr 2008 Posted in Other sports

Further swimsuit developments

Yesterday’s post looked very briefly at the latest development in the ongoing swimsuit battles between the major manufacturers – in case you’ve missed it, 19 world records have been set in 2008, 18 of them using one suit – the Speedo LZR Racer. The only exception a record by Federica Pellegrini of Italy, wearing the […]

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07 Apr 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Build-up to Beijing: Controversy reigns

The swimsuit wars hot up Olympic controversy is the name of the game today, unfortunately. Starting with the less sedate of those stories, below is a very short article I was sent yesterday evening concerning the latest news around the ongoing swimsuit debate. This debate, which we have tried to cover for you in the […]

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03 Apr 2008 Posted in Other sports/Topical Sports News

The swimsuit debate

Those of you who have been following our swimming posts over the last few weeks will have read a series of articles looking at the Speedo LZR swimsuit and the controversy it has caused. In the , we mentioned that the other swimsuit makers would soon be unleashing their own high-tech designs onto the swimming […]

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01 Apr 2008 Posted in Running technique

Running technique: The Footstrike

I’ve finally gotten around to this post, which is probably two weeks in the making, and it follows on from our recent series on running shoes. That series began by looking at whether , and then evolved into a discussion of . Twenty years ago, it was all about motion-control shoes preventing overpronation to prevent […]

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