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NYC preview and heatstroke wrap-up

A look ahead at the New York City Marathon We’ve wrapped our heatstroke series now, thanks to everyone for questions, comments and stories. The series was quite technical, heavy on the calculations and concepts, but hopefully provided some food for thought, and the realization that heatstroke is not simply the result of exercising in hot […]

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29 Oct 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Heatstroke continued

Yesterday, in our second post on heatstroke, we introduced the concept that the attainment of a body temperature above 41 degrees Celsius is NOT POSSIBLE due solely to environmental conditions, which is how you’ve probably always been told to think of it. We explained how body temperature is a function of heat loss and heat […]

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28 Oct 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Heat stroke dissected

Continuing on from our post two days ago, we are looking at heatstroke, a condition where the body temperature rises above 41 degrees celsius (this cut-off is somewhat arbitrary, it has to be said, at least in the exercise literature). In that post, we introduced some of the paradoxes of heatstroke. The classic teaching on […]

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25 Oct 2008 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Heatstroke: Some interesting observations

Heatstroke: The reality doesn’t fit with the perception One of the more interesting ways in which we can study physiology (especially during exercise), is to observe it when it fails. Take for example the Calvin and Hobbes equivalent of “failure physiology”: Calvin (the young boy, for those who haven’t discovered Calvin and Hobbes) asks his […]

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15 Oct 2008 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon 2008

Apologies for the absence lately, it has been a hectic time at work and for other endeavors lately, but our deadlines have now passed and we can return to a more regular posting routine that we are accustomed to. Just in time, too, as the NYC Marathon is just over two weeks away, so watch […]

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12 Oct 2008 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago 2008: Race Report and splits

The 2008 Chicago Marathon champions are Evans Cheruiyot and Lidiya Grigoryeva. In two very different races, the Kenyan and Russian triumphed in times of 2:06:25 and 2:27:17, respectively. For Cheruiyot, it is the first major marathon win of a career that promises to deliver great performances. For Grigoryeva, it’s the latest in a series of […]

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10 Oct 2008 Posted in Marathons

1:59:59: The Sub-2 hour Marathon?

It’s been just over a week now since Haile Gebrselassie ran himself into history (again) when he broke his own world record by running 2:03:59 in Berlin. More important, he also broke the 2:04 barrier, which gave even more impetus to the usual speculation that accompanies a world record. At the time, I wrote that […]

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