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25 Aug 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya debate: Some physiology explained

How do you know the sex of a chromosome? Pull down its genes! If only it were that easy… Today, Team SA arrived back in South Africa after the World Championships in Berlin. The welcome home ceremony was really about one person – Caster Semenya, and the scenes in Johannesburg were just extra-ordinary. We have […]

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21 Aug 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya debate takes a racist turn

I suppose it was inevitable. Given the charged nature of the debate, given the controversy that can see 200 comments written to an article, the debate around the sex of Caster Semenya was always going to provoke emotive responses. But how about this one: “This is about racism,” Chuene said. “These rumours come from South Africa. […]

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20 Aug 2009 Posted in World Championships

Usain Bolt: 19.19s – you must be kidding

I must confess, I didn’t think the world record would fall. I was pretty sure he’d win, by far, but I felt a 19.4 would be enough, and that another record was just out of reach. Bolt didn’t – he ran 19.19s, winning by 0.62 seconds, and with it, won his 5th gold medal in a 5th […]

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20 Aug 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya

Sex determination in sport

I woke up this morning, after a short (5 hour) sleep to discover 70 emails and comments from you in response to the current Caster Semenya controversy. Thank you for the time taken to read the article and send in your opinions! Please don’t take the silence and lack of a response as a sign […]

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19 Aug 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya: Male or female?

Thank you for visiting The Science of Sport. You’ve come to the right place for insight and analysis of sports news, starting with the controversy around Caster Semenya. Read on for the very first article I wrote on the story, on Wed 19 August, when the story broke.  Obviously a lot has happened since, and […]

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19 Aug 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya/World Championships

Semenya wins at a canter

Well, Caster Semenya has delivered South Africa’s first medal in a World Championships since 2005, and becomes only the second women to win a title for SA. Her time: 1:55.45., some 2 seconds ahead of former world record holder Jepkosgei of Kenya, is a new PB, her second in a few weeks. If you tuned […]

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17 Aug 2009 Posted in African running

Analysis of Bolt’s 9.58 WR

As promised, as soon as the results and split times from Bolt’s unbelievable 9.58s performance were available, we’d be analysing them Turns out they became available rather quickly (not 9.58s kind of quick, but quick nevertheless). So here is the analysis of Bolt’s race. All the splits First of all, here is the table published by […]

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16 Aug 2009 Posted in African running/World Championships

Usain Bolt 9.58s!!!!

9.58s 9.58s 9.58s If you’re looking for analysis of Usain Bolt’s magnificent 9.58s WR last night, you’re in the right place. , including Bolt’s splits, speeds and a comparison with his previous world record in Beijing. Extra-ordinary. 9.58 seconds for 100m, and Usain Bolt just got better. Quite astonishing, as the Jamaican won the race by 0.13 seconds […]

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11 Aug 2009 Posted in Doping

Doping control: Interview with Prof Schumacher

Last week, we brought you our “inaugural” . The idea behind these interviews is to introduce to you a range of different opinions on sports science and training matters, as part of our desire to add value to the sports news, and to translate sports science. Hopefully these interviews become a regular feature of the […]

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