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26 Oct 2009 Posted in Sports management

Coaching and science: Asset or liability

As promised, today begins a series of posts on coaching and science, and how the science can be, should be, and sometimes is, and often is not, applied to athlete preparation. Obviously, it comes with an endurance focus, but there’s no reason why sprint coaches and team sport coaches can also not glean some information from […]

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26 Oct 2009 Posted in Sudden Cardiac Death

Deaths during running: Is exercise safe? Part 2

One of the best things about this site is that often it is a source of information for me as much as I hope it is for you! And in response to last week’s post about the safety of running, we’ve had some great comments and more information, which warranted a follow up. Also, I felt […]

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22 Oct 2009 Posted in Sudden Cardiac Death

Deaths during running: Is exercise safe? Part 1

For those who have not heard or read the news, three runners died during the Detroit Marathon/Half-marathon last weekend.  All three were running the half-marathon, and were aged 26, 36 and 65.  The three collapsed within 16 minutes of each other during the race.  The timing, the wide spread of ages, and the fact that three deaths […]

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16 Oct 2009 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Ross speaks: Fatigue and the brain

Anticipatory regulation of exercise Apologies for the delay in posting after my lecture last week at UIC – the Chicago Marathon came and went, and since then, travels have taken too much time to post properly. However, what I’ve done below is post segments of that talk, which was titled “Limits to exercise performance: World records, […]

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11 Oct 2009 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago 2009 In-race splits

Below is a table with the kilometer splits (those we got) from today’s Chicago marathon, which saw Sammy Wanjiru win his fourth major marathon – Fukuoka, Beijing, London and now Chicago. His time? 2:05:41, one second inside the course record, so mission accomplished, at least from that point of view. The world record eluded him, […]

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09 Oct 2009 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation

Jonathan speaks: site origins and coach-science conflict

I realised the other day that in the two and a half years that The Science of Sport has been running, very few of you have ever heard directly from us. Sure, there are posts and opinions and replies to comments, but unless you’re in Chicago or Cape Town (or you’ve seen the odd TV appearance), […]

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08 Oct 2009 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Pacing strategy and limits to performance

Well, I have arrived in Chicago after a great couple of days in Washington, and now the build-up to the Chicago 2009 Marathon can begin! A little later today, Jonathan and I will be meeting with some of the Marathon organizers to discuss race-day logistics and to figure out how (if at all) we can […]

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