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30 Jun 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France

The 2010 Tour on the horizon

Despite all the focus on the World Cup, it has not escaped our attention that one of the highlights of the sports year starts in a matter of days.  On Saturday, 20 teams of 9 riders each will start a three-week tour around Holland and then France in what is usually described as one of […]

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27 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

FIFA and goal-line technology

The Round of 16 has produced three great matches so far, and one highly controversial moment.  England v Germany was a fabulous match, end to end, and far more open than many might have expected, given the history of penalties between the sides.  In the end, Germany won handsomely, and for good reason – they […]

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25 Jun 2010 Posted in Tennis

Isner vs Mahut finally ends at 70-68

It’s been over 24 hours since the longest game in history finally ended.  At one point, it seemed that we might still be playing into the second week of Wimbledon, but eventually, in the 138th match of an epic set, Mahut finally conceded a game on serve, and John Isner of the USA emerged victorious, […]

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24 Jun 2010 Posted in Tennis

Mahut v Isner, 59-59: An epic for the ages

Update:  The marathon match finally ended, the USA’s John Isner claiming an extra-ordinary 70-68 victory in the fifth and final set.  Below is a post that was written at 59-59 in the fifth, when play was halted due to light on the second day. The match will go down as one of the truly great […]

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23 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

2010 World Cup: South Africa, France & Nigeria

The 23rd of June was always going to be a significant day for South African sport, if not our history.  Either we would be waking up with the euphoria of having booked a place in the Second Round of the tournament, or we would know that we’d become the first host nation in history to […]

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23 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

FIFA 2010 World Cup: Goals and tactics

We’re now into the final round of matches in the group stages of the 2010 World Cup, and the number of goals being scored has certainly increased.  Goals were a rarity in the first round – only 25 in the first 16 matches, by far the lowest in any round of a World Cup, at […]

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21 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Altitude: Arriving and adapting

In the last few posts, I’ve been looking at the .  It’s an impact that extends beyond the simple “less oxygen” argument, because there are effects on the flight of the ball.  However, we’ve looked primarily at how the player’s physiology may be affected, and how this might impact on their performance. The logical question […]

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17 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Altitude performance implications

Yesterday I did a  on performance at the 2010 Football World Cup.  What I didn’t do in that altitude post is discuss how the altitude might affect performance – the application of the physiology.  And so here is a follow-up to share some thoughts on whether the altitude will affect what you see during this […]

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16 Jun 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

Football 2010: Impact of altitude

In our last few posts, we’ve looked at the , the activity demands of a match, and also the , which is vitally important, particularly in the final 15 minutes of matches. Incidentally, almost one-third of goals are scored in those final 15 minutes.  This is a function of many things (mental and strategic factors being […]

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