The FIFA 2010 WC: A Geography lesson  //  Welcome to South..... America? Ole!

13 Jun 2010 Posted by

No scientific post today – I’ll follow up yesterday’s post on the physiological demands of football with a post on fatigue and performance tomorrow.  But for today, here is something on the lighter side – a screen grab from a news station in Chicago.  Spot the error…


Suddenly, those empty seats at some of the smaller matches make sense. Very funny!

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Here is some sample trivia for today – in the last three World Cups, teams that have won their first match have advanced to the second round 85.7% of the time.  In fact, winning at least ONE match sees qualification 75% of the time, such is the pressure of a four team group.  Teams that draw their first match get through 50% of the time, and teams that lose the opener qualify 13% of the time.

But of course, still all to play for!  Ghana v Serbia is up next, and it’s one of the big fixtures of the group stages.


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