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26 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France

Tour 2010 power output reflections

Thank you for visiting The Science of Sport. Over the past few weeks, we’ve followed and attempted to analyse the performances of the very best cyclists in the world, and at worst, it’s created some great discussion and back-and-forth.  At best, it’s shown that cycling may just be heading in the right direction in its […]

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24 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France

Power output on the Tourmalet (2010) – resolving discrepancies

Thanks everyone for the great discussion in response to the post yesterday looking at the climbing power output on the Col du Tourmalet.  As if often the case, your responses make the comments section to the post is better than the post, so if you have to time, you might consider reading it here! However, a short post […]

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23 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France

Power from the Tourmalet (2010) – 6W/kg anyone?

Yesterday saw the big showdown of the Tour on its final climb.  Two great climbers in Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck rode man-on-man up one of the most famed climbs of cycling, in thick mist, in a battle that many felt would decide the yellow-jersey.  In the end, it won’t, with a time-trial to go […]

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21 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France

Power outputs from the Tour de France 2010

It’s been a while since we last posted – the pressures of family and work, and actually watching the Tour are to blame!  We’ve missed so much in the last few weeks – Caster Semenya is running again, though reading anything into her performances right now is guesswork at best.  Two possibilities remain, with no […]

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12 Jul 2010 Posted in Football/Soccer

It’s Spain!

Spain are the World Champions.  A tense, highly dramatic final in Johannesburg went all the way to the wire, through 90 minutes and very nearly through extra-time, but an Andreas Iniesta goal in the 116th minute gave Spain a well deserved win.   46 fouls (compared to only 16 in the equally competitive semi-final) and 13 […]

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12 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France/Football/Soccer

More feedback on football and cycling

I have too little energy (and time) for a proper, in-depth post, but as promised, analysis from last night’s World Cup final is now done, courtesy Zonal Marking. It’s another great analysis, from a site that has really increased my enjoyment of the tournament, and you can read it here.  I wish that all sports would […]

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09 Jul 2010 Posted in 2010 Tour de France/Football/Soccer

The World Cup Final and leTour 2010 hits the Alps

62 games down, 2 to go.  And the final game, on Sunday night, will see a first-time world champion crowned when either the Spanish or Dutch claim the World Cup. Gladiators in a Colosseum It will be an incredible match at an incredible venue.  I was fortunate enough to watch World Cup matches at Loftus […]

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08 Jul 2010 Posted in Doping in Cycling

Rudy Pevenage admits to Puerto involvement

Well, seeing as how it is Tour time, doping scandals seem to be part of the scenery in July.  This year is no different, first because of the Wall Street Journal’s article “Blood Brothers” which ran on Saturday during the prologue, and now because Rudy Pevenage has admitted to helping Jan Ulrich dope with Dr. Efumiano Fuentes, he of […]

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06 Jul 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Caster Semenya cleared? Is this finally the verdict?

It is being reported that Caster Semenya, South Africa’s 800m World Champion, will be given the all clear to return to the track.  Before getting carried away at the conclusion of what seemed a never-ending saga, let’s remember that on no fewer than three occasions, the SA government have organized triumphant press conferences only to […]

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