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28 Feb 2011 Posted in Marketing & sponsorship/Sports Science

Snake-oils, supplements and the pinnacle of data presentation

A big part of the reason for our existence at The Science of Sport is the clear and creative presentation and discussion of scientific subjects and concepts.  The idea was to make sports science more accessible, whether you’re an interested reader, a coach, a high school teacher, a student, a scientist in an unrelated field, […]

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26 Feb 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Performance implications of Pistorius advantages

I was going to delay this analysis until after the IAAF World Champs, which got underway this morning with a dominant Kenyan display in the women’s marathon. Later today sees the women’s 10,000m, and there’s every chance that Kenya will have claimed the first four (or maybe even more) of the medals at this year’s […]

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24 Feb 2011 Posted in Doping/Sports management

The state of doping control: Dangerous waters

I logged onto the website this morning, and we have this block of ads on the page (kindly provided by the folk at Google) and sure enough, every single one was an advertisement for “Drug Rehab”.  One promised me “Drug abuse no more”, which seems like a nice idea (especially for the UCI…) I take this […]

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22 Feb 2011 Posted in Doping in Cycling

Floyd Landis, spoof emails and the cycling comedy carousel

Floyd Landis may well already have gone down in history as one of sport’s most polarizing figures.  A year ago, he was merely a disgraced Tour champion, the first man to have the Tour title officially stripped as a result of a positive doping test. Then a series of leaked emails, a Wall Street Journal […]

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15 Feb 2011 Posted in Doping in Cycling

Contador is cleared. A Verdict, not a proposal…

In a bizarre series of events, the Spanish cycling federation has cleared Tour de France champion Alberto Contador, and exonerated him of any doping charges.  He is therefore free to race immediately.The verdict, which was until yesterday a “proposal” was announced by Spanish news yesterday and confirmed today.  You can read the coverage in English at […]

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04 Feb 2011 Posted in Doping/Rugby

Two doping cases: Exonerated vs punished. Fair or foul?

Yesterday, a reader sent me a link for an article from the Telegraph newspaper, titled “Rugby Union players are exonerated while cyclists take the blame.  How is that fair?”  Ordinarily, articles from the Telegraph are thought-provoking, accurate and praise-worthy.  This was not one of them. The article concerns the recent one-year suspension handed to Alberto Contador, and the exoneration […]

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