Edinburgh: The final 3 minutes

31 May 2011 Posted by

It’s here to stay, people, so enjoy it. We have embedded this from Universal Sports, whose coverage of rugby is actually very good—so readers in the USA take note, they will be covering the Rugby World Cup later this year, too. This is the best advertisement ever for the sport of Sevens. These are those final three minutes:

Again, this is embedded directly from Universal Sports, so we should not have any problems with them blocking it from Youtube, which is where the other video was hosted. At the risk of sounding like we are promoting it, you can even watch the reply of the entire SA vs. AUS match for $3.99, which is a pretty fair price. Note to international readers, though—this content might only be available to those in the USA. It kind of defeats the purpose, if you ask us, but perhaps there is a copyright or ownership issue they have to deal with!


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