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29 Nov 2011 Posted in Barefoot running

The Barefoot running round-table discussion from UKSEM

At the 2011 UKSEM conference, Ross chaired a roundtable on barefoot running. Here's what transpired.

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24 Nov 2011 Posted in Talent vs training

Sports Science 2011: Talent vs training and Oscar P

So yesterday was Day 1 of the fantastic UKSEM conference in London. I gave a presentation on Sports Science in 2011, and that presentation is embedded in the post below. I am a terrible judge of my own presentations, so I’ll just say that mine went OK and hope that it did. I always know […]

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22 Nov 2011 Posted in Barefoot running

Barefoot running: An overview

So last night, at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa where I’m based, I gave a presentation on barefoot running, aimed at the public.  A big topic, obviously, always guaranteed to pull a good crowd and generate lively debate.  Which it did. It’s a topic I’ve covered in , with approaches ranging from a look […]

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21 Nov 2011 Posted in Sports Science

UCT Research in 2011: Wrap-up

Such a busy time recently, hence the big gap between posts!  I am off to London tomorrow for the UKSEM Conference, where I will be presenting three talks.  The first is on Sports Science in the media in 2011, where I’ll tackle the topical stories of the year (Oscar Pistorius, doping in cycling and the Kenyan marathon dominance […]

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01 Nov 2011 Posted in Marathons

The marathon era: A seismic shift and commercial influence

The marathon is in the midst of a quite extra-ordinary and unprecedented era. This was encapsulated on the weekend by an incredible performance from Geoffrey Mutai in winning the New York Marathon in 2:05:05, breaking the difficult New York course record by an astonishing 2:38. Only a week earlier, Wilson Kipsang, until then an unheralded […]

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