2011 Review: Science of Sport call for nominees

19 Dec 2011 Posted by

2011 is winding its way down, or, as the case may be, plummeting to its death, which leaves us just enough time to wrap up 2011 with a look back on the year to hand out our now annual Science of Sport awards for 2011.

So I’m inviting your nominations for the following categories, in no particular order:

  • Sportsman of the year
  • Sportswoman of the year
  • Team of the year
  • Performance of the year
  • Sports science story of the year (calling on all the academics among you – what sports science research has grabbed the headlines this year?)
  • Controversy of the year (because controversy is never far from the science of sport…)
  • Comeback of the year
  • Best sports website
  • Sports video of the year
  • Villain of the year (this one depends entirely on your point of view)
  • Biggest surprise of 2011

Remember to give them a sports science spin – it’s not only about the athlete, team, or event, but the “hidden side”, the “how” and “why” behind the news.  In most cases, I’ll try to link back to an article I wrote during the year.

I have a pretty good idea of who wins the awards – in that sense, giving awards out is merely an excuse to summarize the stories that struck me this year!  But would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts!  Feel free to add categories that I may have missed as well!  Use the comments section to the post below to give your nominees.

Bear in mind our focus here is on endurance sport, particularly running and cycling, so I do apologize, but the awards will reflect that bias.

The first awards are made tomorrow!


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