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21 Jan 2012 Posted in Barefoot running

The Barefoot Kilimanjaro Challenge

Only 3 days to go before I jet off to Kilimanjaro to tackle Africa’s highest summit, and the world’s highest free-standing mountain…barefoot… Let me start off by pointing out that doing this climb has NOTHING to do with advocacy for barefoot running (or living) and nor is it even related to the whole barefoot running […]

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02 Jan 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Science of Sport awards: Teams of the year – Kenya & Barcelona

Welcome to 2012!  It’s an Olympic year, the undoubted highlight of the year for us, but there are Tours, Marathons, meets and matches to cover and we are looking forward to the analysis, debate and discussion.  We hit our three millionth visitor on New Year’s Eve, and we’re hoping for another million this year!  Dollars, […]

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