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15 Jun 2012 Posted in London 2012

Olympic buzz: Nike’s super-fast clothes, USADA’s Armstrong case and on-track action

Three relatively short comments today, as we move into the final six weeks before the London Olympic Games start. We look today at the USADA charges against Lance Armstrong, then shift to the Games to look at Nike’s new suit and the claims it makes for performance, and wrap up with some brief thoughts on […]

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04 Jun 2012 Posted in Comrades Marathon

Four quick thoughts on Comrades 2012

A more “South African-centric” post today, since it covers a very South African race. Hopefully, one that promotes or encourages more international presence for the race though. Here are some thoughts on the Comrades Ultra-Marathon. Yesterday saw the 2012 running of South Africa’s biggest ultra-marathon, the Comrades Ultra-marathon. This race, for those who don’t know, […]

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