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23 Oct 2012 Posted in Doping in Cycling

UCI uphold USADA findings – surprised?

Could have gone either way… On Monday, as scheduled, the UCI held a press conference to announce it would recognize the reasoned decision submitted by USADA and not appeal to the CAS. Honestly, based on the UCI’s history, it was 50/50. I don’t think any one who follows the sport would have been surprised had […]

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Sponsors overboard & a guest post on legalized doping, the Armstrong dilemma

Lance Armstrong and Zulle Alpe 1999

First thoughts as Lance Armstrong's sponsors rush to distance themselves from the disgraced cyclist

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10 Oct 2012 Posted in Doping

USADA Reasoned Decision

The long awaited USADA decision, a not so well kept secret, is now finally out in full. Here are the key points

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07 Oct 2012 Posted in Chicago Marathon

Chicago 2012: Live splits and thoughts

Live race coverage and splits from the 2012 Chicago Marathon

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