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19 Apr 2013 Posted in London Marathon

London 2013 Marathon

In April 2013, I'll be in London at the invitation of the London Marathon, talking fatigue and covering the race. Here's what to expect.

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16 Apr 2013 Posted in Boston Marathon

We believe in the spirit of the marathon

A brief response to the tragic events that unfolded at the 2013 Boston Marathon

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15 Apr 2013 Posted in Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon 2013

Our live-analysis of the 2013 Boston Marathon, featured splits and race commentary

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13 Apr 2013 Posted in African running/Talent vs training

The Kenyan success genetic controversy

Is Kenya's distance running success genetic or environmental? The polarization of this question and debate is an oversimplification. We look at the complex interaction, and why genes can't be discounted

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10 Apr 2013 Posted in Doping

The thyroid medication debate

Elite athletes are using thyroid medication to assist them cope with the demands of high volume, high intensity training. It's a grey area in the anti-doping landscape

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