Central governor and lactate mythology: Video interviews  //  Talking the Central Governor and performance regulation with Bobby McGee

29 May 2013 Posted by

Quick video post today, in the midst of travels and papers and other work.  A few months back, I was in Boulder, Colorado, for a few days, and as is ‘obligatory’ when there, spent a few days with coach Bobby McGee, one of the more inquisitive and stimulating minds in the endurance sports.

He produced the videos below, in which I talk first about the Central Governor concept, explaining why I steered clear of the word, and what it all meant (and didn’t mean).

In the second video, I talk lactate myths and theories.

They’ve very short, just fillers really, and so for more on these concepts, particularly the anticipatory regulation of exercise, here are some articles and research papers you may be interested in:

#1 – Central governor/anticipatory regulation

#2 – the lactic acid concept

Thanks Bobby for the videos, look forward to another visit sooner rather than later!

Oh, and check out Bobby McGee’s website for more videos on training and performance.


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