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28 Jul 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

Alan Oliveira runs 10.57s. Leg length or something else?

Brazil's Alan Oliveira continued his record-breaking tear, explained., smashing the 100m WR and reigniting a debate about prosthetic limbs. Here's the science of the advantage

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26 Jul 2013 Posted in Doping in Cycling/Sports management

On performance analysis: Common sense, guided

Performance analysis is never 100% definitive, but it guides understanding. Here's why choosing blindness just because 20/20 isn't on offer is a foolish response for cycling's followers

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22 Jul 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

A double amputee will soon medal in able-bodied Olympics

Alan Oliveira is a double amputee breaking records. By big margins. He's asking the same questions Pistorius did. The answers are the same, but with increased urgency

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17 Jul 2013 Posted in 2013 Tour de France

Tour de France 2013: Alp d’Huez preview

Cycling's most famous climb is featured twice in one stage in 2013. We look back at its history to look forward to what to expect this year.

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14 Jul 2013 Posted in Track and Field

A house of cards? Sprinting crisis as Gay, Powell and more Jamaicans fail controls

First reactions to a day when first Asafa Powell then Tyson Gay failed doping controls. Amid defences of contamination, the picture of world sprinting turned a lot murkier

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14 Jul 2013 Posted in 2013 Tour de France

Mont Ventoux Preview: Looking forward by looking back

A look ahead to the climb of Mont Ventoux in the 2013 TDF, and what the history leads us to expect

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09 Jul 2013 Posted in 2013 Tour de France/Doping in Cycling

Healthy skepticism, dealing with doping and denial

Skepticism is an essential part of cycling's quest to regain the trust of its followers. Here's why

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Tour 2013 rest day: Pondering the unanswerables with physiological implications

Chris Froome's near-record ascent of Ax-3-Domaines asks some challenging physiological questions. Proof is impossible, but the implications warrant consideration.

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Froome’s first mountain performance: Cue debate

Chris Froome assumed the yellow jersey and control of the Tour on Ax-3-Domaines with a near-record ascent. Brief first thoughts on the performance and debate it is likely to inspire

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