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22 Jul 2015 Posted in 2015 Tour de France/Cycling Physiology

Great power, great responsibility. Less power, greater speeds

"With great power comes great responsibility", quoted Sky as they released Froome's power data from the Pyrenees. Only problem is that with less power than some rivals, he achieved greater speeds. Physics reared its head, and created impossible scenarios.

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21 Jul 2015 Posted in 2015 Tour de France/Cycling Physiology

Comparative and longitudinal physiology

There's been much talk of how physiological data - a VO2max - would validate or refute cycling performance. The reality is, as usual, a little more complex than this. My take, some illustrative examples of the concept, and suggestions for how performance, physiology & biology can work together to tell the story

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Semi-transparency, smoke, mirrors and an illustrative case

As rest day #2 of the Tour arrives, more and more talk of transparency, with a vague commitment of average cadence from a stage from Sky. I say keep it, and share more thoughts on transparency, including the case of Pinot to illustrate the value

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18 Jul 2015 Posted in 2015 Tour de France/Doping in Cycling

Neanderthals, aliens, performance data & context

A neanderthal took to urine throwing in the Tour. Patriotism sure does inspire stupid actions sometimes. The preoccupation with the performance and physiological data inspires similar passions. But what would an alien visitor make of it, if the context was added to the debate?

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Close your eyes really tightly

I gave an interview to Off the Ball radio today. Here's that interview, plus some extra thoughts on context.

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Day 1 in the mountains: One more pixel, context & mistrust

Chris Froome produced a dominant display to win the first mountain finish of the 2015 Tour de France. As always, doubts exist around the performance. One single performance does not a doper identify, but pixel-by-pixel, it's becoming harder to sit on the fence. I jump off it here.

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14 Jul 2015 Posted in 2015 Tour de France/Cycling

Long live transparency – the data video controversy

The first rest day of the 2015 Tour de France provided a video linked to data of Chris Froome's 2013 Mont Ventoux domination. It was hurriedly removed. Long-live transparency and skepticism.

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03 Jul 2015 Posted in 2015 Tour de France

Who wins the 2015 Tour de France?

The 2015 Tour de France gets underway tomorrow. It's a mountain-heavy, time-trial light version, and should be a great battle between four huge names. Who emerges in three weeks with the Yellow jersey? A race preview, before the analysis begins.

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