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Interview with Renee Anne Shirley

Renee Anne Shirley is one of the world's leading anti-doping experts. Also a whistleblower who shed light on lax anti-doping practices in Jamaica, she shares her thoughts on the IAAF, WADA and IOC in an unedited interview. She offers fascinating insights on the origins of the problem, and the way forward.

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IAAF to-do list: Invite in, step aside & break the orbit

The IAAF response to the doping scandal has hardly been reassuring. Nor was its position when the allegations first emerged. What is the solution, though? Maximum transparency, and a leading role in creating unparalleled transparency might finally break this orbit. Here's a few thoughts on how

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Denial plus shock, divided by the tip of the iceberg. A recipe for mistrust

The WADA report into the IAAF’s alleged doping cover-ups came out yesterday, and Twitter was rocking. ┬áSo many journalists and commenters wrote excellent summaries and opinion pieces (there’s a list of some of them at the end of this post), but I thought I’d share with you two brief articles I wrote on the issue. […]

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