The Talent Series: Strategy, tactics and then science

07 Dec 2015 Posted by

Let’s try something new…sorry for the dungeon look, it’s done in transit.


Here is the presentation that I gave to the English FA and the English RFU over the last week.  Well, it’s an extended version of that talk, and the plan, as I describe in the video above, is to talk you through it piece by piece over coming months, as my time (and energy levels) allow.  Enjoy!

Then if you’re in this area, two recommended follows on Twitter are the two gents who invited me to the events I mention in the clips, and where I presented parts of the presentation above.

They are:

Stuart Armstrong – @stu_arm, who is the man on player development for the RFU.

Nick Levett – @nlevett Nick is Talent Identification Manager at the FA

And then to email me if you’d like to hear more or have a talk that explains the slides: or


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