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Talent ID & Management Part 3: Imperfect tools & sensible science

Here is part 3 of my ongoing Talent ID and management series.  If you missed the first two instalments, you can view them at the following links:  The strategic and tactical fundamentals of Talent – the budgeting decision Acceptable inefficiencies Today I discuss what I think is an important concept in terms of managing expectations […]

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Talent ID & Management Series, Part 2: Accepted inefficiencies

Part 2 of the series on Talent ID and Management looks at inefficiencies in the identification and selection of talent. It discusses factors driving these inefficiencies and sets up future topics of how to combat them.

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Talent ID Video Series, Part 1: Fundamental concept and definition

Part 1 of the Talent ID & Development series looks at the fundamental concept and defines Talent ID as a strategic and budgeting decision.

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