Talent ID & Management Series, Part 2: Accepted inefficiencies

19 Jan 2016 Posted by

Welcome to Part 2 of the Talent ID & Management series.  As you may recall from Part 1, I am talking you through a presentation I have given to English FA and English Rugby in recent months, on the subject of Talent ID and development.

Part 1, from two weeks ago, defined Talent ID as a budgeting decision aimed at directing the use of scarce resources to athletes who are most likely to produce our desired end-goal, performance.

Keeping that theme going, today’s section of the presentation tackles the “bets” we make when we invest in young sportspeople, and how those bets are inherently inefficient because we lack the tools to measure performance, to predict future performance, and to control “real life” that sometimes gets in the way.

Understanding this inefficiency, and the factors driving it, is key to figuring out how best to improve it, and how, in some instances, to use inefficiencies in one area for advantages in others.  That’s where we are headed, but for today, please enjoy a section specific on the inefficiencies!

As before, the YouTube comes first, and you can see the entire Prezi below it.


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