Talent ID Video Series, Part 1: Fundamental concept and definition

06 Jan 2016 Posted by

Hello everyone, and happy new year!  I hope that whatever your profession or goals, you will have a successful, high-performing and victorious year!

I’m kicking off the year with the first part of my Talent ID series, which I introduced to you from London in December.  I’m doing this as a video series, because it’s much faster for me, and because I hope that the combination of my voice-over and the slides that I have prepared to give at a few conferences is a more dynamic and engaging way of presenting the subject.  A few of you asked me to rather write these posts, and I wish I had the time (and energy), but I hope this is a suitable compromise.

Today is part 1, which covers the fundamental concepts of Talent Identification and Management, and defines Talent ID & development in a strategic and tactical sense.  It also outlines the concepts that I’ll be discussing as we proceed, rather than talking about the specific content of Talent ID, which I leave to those far more qualified than I!

The video comes first, and the original presentation, in its entirety is below that, so you can see where we are headed.  As I said in the introductory post, this is a fascinating topic, one that I really love, because it marries the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of sport, and it’s very real – whether you are a parent, teacher, young athlete, old athlete, coach, HP manager, or even a business person who is looking for “talent” in the workplace, there are concepts here that are fascinating and powerful.  So if anyone happens to read this, and would like further engagement and discussion on it, please don’t hesitate to contact me – ross.tucker@nullmweb.co.za

Enjoy part 1!


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