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Talent ID & Management Part 6: The Relative Age effect

I’ve been on a “home nations” tour (Rugby reference) of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales for work, and Renee Anne Shirley did the honour of writing a guest opinion piece last week, so it’s been a while since the last video in my Talent ID & Management Series, which looked at Early vs Late Specialisation. […]

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Renee Anne Shirley: The two sides of Richard Pound

A guest opinion piece by anti-doping advocate Renee Anne Shirley, describing the two sides of Dick Pound, who led the recent investigation into the IAAF's scandal, but who seemingly contradicted his own report's findings when backing Sebastian Coe.

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Talent ID & Management Part 5: Early vs Late Specialisation?

This episode of the Talent ID and management series looks at another very controversial question - should children and young athletes specialise in one sport, or should they play as many as possible? I look at how the 10,000 hour dogma drives a negative behaviour and the research which shows that optimal performance actually requires... read the post to find out!

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Talent ID & Management: The 10,000 hour “rule” and talent

Part 4 of the Talent ID Series, and this time we introduce the controversial 10,000 hour "rule" and I explain its origins, and the false dichotomy that leads to some undesired and inefficient behaviour

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