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On shit-deflecting umbrellas, high performance sport and Sunette Viljoen

South Africa's silver-medal winning Javelin thrower Sunette Viljoen has been in the SA news recently, for her criticisms of SASCOC, SA's Olympic Committee. The specifics of her objections are funding, but the concept is high performance management. My thoughts on how SA lets its elite athletes down

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World Records: Fossils, stagnation & a tale of two drugs

Almaz Ayana kicked the Rio 2016 Track & Field programme off with a sensational World Record, demolishing one of the "unbreakables". But the T&F Records tell us interesting stories about doping and performance limits, and this post explores some of those in the context of the growing mistrust of performances and doping

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Should doping be legalised? The Olympic drug debate

Should we legalise doping? Make it open to all, and avoid the controversy and scandal. A regular issue comes around for the Olympics. In this article, I address that question in a Q&A format.

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Syed’s response, and a final wrap on the whistleblower/faith debate

In response to my recent critique of Matthew Syed's article on whistleblowers and secrecy, he sent me an email and requested it be published here on my site. Here then, is Syed's response, and my final thoughts on this before we hit the Rio Olympics.

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