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Head injuries part 2: What makes a tackle risky?

This is the second installment in a series of articles translating recent research I published on the risk of head injuries during rugby. This part looks at the characteristics of the tackle that increase or decrease the risk.

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Head injuries in Rugby, Part 1: Principle & high-level view

World Rugby recently changed and clarified laws around the high tackle in an attempt to reduce the number of concussions in the sport. That change was based on an in-depth study of the tackle, done to identify the mechanisms for head injury. This post, the first of a series of three articles on the subject, discusses the process, the principle of the research, and the high level findings.

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An Open Letter to Athletics South Africa: Address the non-selection controversies for the sake of athletes

Athletics South Africa, the governing federation for Track and Field in South Africa, recently announced the SA squad for the upcoming World Athletics championships in London. An ambiguous mix of selection criteria and omissions has created controversy. I write an open letter to ASA calling for clarity, and a reversal of certain non-selections for the squad.

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Testosterone, performance & intersex athletes: Will the IAAF evidence be enough?

In 2015, the Court of Arbitration set aside an IAAF policy that required female athletes to have a Testosterone level below a cut-off threshold. Now, 2 years later, with the IAAF appeal imminent, new evidence has emerged, with possible implications for athletes like Caster Semenya. But will the IAAF's new evidence be enough. Here's a look at some issues.

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