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31 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Culture change and injury: “Brutality, killing people”, as we preview a sports event

The Six Natons starts on Friday night. Best rugby tournament in the world, hands down. I really cannot wait to watch it. However, I now work in player welfare for rugby, and so I view the sport through one lens called ‘excitement’, and another called ‘welfare’. In my attempt to bring this ‘binocular vision’ to […]

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28 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

4+4, and Jemima Sumgong gets an eight year ban. Oh and Dubai was super fast (again) in painted shoes

The 2016 Olympic Marathon champion got handed an extra four years on her doping ban last week. The story broke on Friday, and you can read the summary from Sean Ingle here. My brief recap – Sumgong wins the Olympic gold in Rio in 2016, then fails an EPO test in April 2017, in the […]

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Looking back at the week: Pat Lambie’s concussion-retirement, and introducing “My most interesting” links you may like

Ok so let’s recap the week, and some stuff I missed. It was a busy one, so I didn’t write much, but what I did do was: I did a talk for Arsenal Football club’s HP team, and spoke about the role of sports science in the elite environment. I think sports science has under-delivered, […]

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24 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Spectacle vs safety in sport

I’ve spent the last three days in Paris, for two rugby related meetings. The first was with the French Rugby Federation (FFR) and the LNR, which is the body that runs the professional competition in France (Top 14). That meeting was to discuss injury data, player welfare and future collaboration between the Union, the professional […]

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23 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Nullius in Verba: Sports Science, Sports Sense and High Performance sport

Last Friday I spent the day at Arsenal FC’s training facility in the north of London. I gave a presentation to their Sports Science/HP department (research, S&C, medical, youth coaches, nutrition, physiotherapy and data analysts) In today’s Short Thought on Sport, I wanted to share that presentation with you. Because I know it’s difficult to […]

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18 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

The UCI Tramadol ban, and one brief thought on painkillers in sport

From planes to trains – today’s Short Thought on Sport in on the UCI’s tramadol ban and painkillers in sport! It comes to you a train somewhere between London St Pancras and St Albans City station, where I’m headed to spend the weekend with Arsenal Football club ahead of their Premiership match against Chelsea.  I […]

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17 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

Can you get 8 guys, non-West African descent, to run 9.08s? No way

I missed my short thought yesterday – just a crazy busy day of meetings and last minute prep before a work trip to the UK and Paris starting today, so apologies for that. Because I’m killing some time on the plane, my short thought is coming to you from 10353m above sea level, about 480km […]

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15 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

The Curious Case of Dr Freeman and the Testogel, and Conspiracy Contortionism in denial of fire

I wonder when we reached the point where the person who views Team Sky’s unprecedented success through deeply skeptical eyes is the one who is closer to looking at the more plausible explanation? The point where a person attempting to rationalize the never-ending drip feed of deceit and lies is the one who has to […]

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14 Jan 2019 Posted in Short thought on sport

WADA, Russian doping, ‘realpolitik’ and the ignored voice of athletes

So here’s a funny little anecdote to kick off today’s Short Thought on Sport. Last year in November, I was in London for the World Rugby Annual Medical and Scientific Conference. We stay at a place called The Lensbury in Teddington, and they have, as far as “hotel” gyms go, a pretty reasonable one. Couple […]

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